Mini Cassette Stove

Tastelab's Mini Cassette Stove - a revolutionary kitchen companion that seamlessly combines functionality with style. Ideal for cooking during power outages, camping, hiking, etc. This compact countertop stove unit redefines convenience, allowing you to cook delectable meals with ease, no matter the space or power supply constraints. Use it to cook, grill,boil and even bake and say hello to hassle-free cooking with this light and portable unit. The Mini Cassette is available in meringue white, sage green and butter yellow.

the range

care instructions

Read the user manual carefully. 

Use in well ventilated areas and away from flammable objects. 

Do not attempt to move while in use or leave unattended. 

Disconnect butane gas cylinder when not in use. 

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and suitable cleaning products.

The Specs


Dimensions: 227 x 200 x 100 mm

Weight: 0.9 kg

Pot/pan size: 10 - 20cm

Gas consumption: 152g/h

Thermal Flux: 2.1 kW (1,800kcal/h)

Safety feature: Pressure sensing valve

Metal cover over butane gas cylinder.

Use a butane gas cylinder only.